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This will be short. Just a huge feeling hit me tonight.

Like a lot of other fire wives, I am sitting at home alone (with the kids). My FF will be home later, after teaching his class but none the less, duty has called like always. Some times I feel so lonely. My “friends” aren’t so much friendly. I get tired of trying to be as important to people as I make them, and that’s when I push them all away. If you’re gonna make me feel like I’m not convenient for you, I’ll just make it easy. If you’re reading this and find it difficult to think this is about you, then you’re right. Just know I don’t blame you. We all handle life differently and I wasn’t part of your plan. IT IS OK.

Back to my main thought that was momentarily lost.

I’ve found a group of women from all over the country and a few parts of the world that are a FANTASTIC set of women. ALL FIRE WIVES!!! I’m not close to anyone in the fire service other than the husband, so this is not only new but nice. This group mostly gets everything that most of us feel. We are a diverse group. I’m sure on a regular personal level, some of us would clash like petting a rattle snake, but having something in common really bonds us. It’s a group where everything is encouraging and positive. I’ve not seen one bit of drama, can you believe that??? ALLLL those few hundreds of women, and no drama. FAVORITE PART!

I feel so lucky and privileged to have a place to go and spill my guts if I need to and someone will tell me they know exactly how I feel. Someone will pray for me. Someone will send me their well wishes, because while she might not believe in God and prayer, she still believes in the positive life. Someone might have advise that I don’t agree with, but once again, it will be all good intentions.

We might be mostly strangers, but we’re all sisters.

Until next time.