A little tidbit about me is that I loathe talking on the phone. Unless it is important, short or someone I rarely get to speak to, I HATE TO HEAR MY PHONE RING. Makes me cringe and usually say something ugly right before throwing my nice voice on and answering. I prefer texting, required less quiet. My house is rarely quiet.

You’re in the middle of bathing a kid, changing a diaper or even sneaking 5 mins of quiet to yourself when your phone rings. It’s the FF and he is on shift, calling you for the night. I know it’s always going to be the same question, “How was your day?”. I have to censor myself to every other person in the world but him so I am pretty blunt. Whether it was good, ok or flat-out sucked, I tell him. I know that I shouldn’t lay it all on him that my day has been filled with a crying 2-year-old on a rampage from what appears to be hell, or that the 11-year-old is so puberty stricken that she needs a Priest to perform an exorcism because surely the Devil is inside of that small body of hers, or even that I am PMS’ing so bad that all I want to do is eat and cry. It never helps that he just doesn’t know what to say besides “I’m sorry.”. I’ve come to realize that is the extent of babying I will receive but it still feels better to get it off my chest. He is my best friend, my only friend. Poor, poor him. (The good thing is I have always admitted to being crazy, so he already knows and married me anyway.)

There are usually a few long pauses, being we text a few times throughout the day most days and well, we’ve said all we got to say. Neither one of us are phone talkers, yet every single night he calls and we do the same routine over and over. On rare occasion we have interesting conversations, but usually it’s just a boring short 10 minute call that ends with “I love you, have a good night and I’ll see you in the morning.”.

How many times I have eagerly waited for him to call me, just for me to be annoyed because I was on the phone. I love my fireman, deeply, and look forward to being annoyed every night that he is on shift. I’ll take a phone call of us breathing back and forth over him not calling at all.

Until next time.