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I cringe at the thought of being a leader. I have lots of opinions and ideas of how things should be done when it comes to almost anything, but as far as voicing my opinion goes, I’d rather not. All eyes on me makes me want to stick my head in the sand. Trusting people to do their part, even harder! I’ve been entertaining the idea of finding out all of the information I need to know to make an important decision. I need all the information before I decide to proceed or to tuck my tail and forget it.

We do not have a Ladies Auxiliary. We don’t have much of nothing. To be honest, most of my husband’s co-workers do not recognize me when they see me because we don’t see each other enough. Only having one gathering a year doesn’t help. I don’t feel like there is a “Brotherhood” and not many of the wives are close either. As far as I know, everyone gets a long for the most part, but we all know every department is going to have a few loose screws. Maybe those few bad apples are why no one puts forth any effort to do something more? I’m not sure, that isn’t a question I would ask anyone. Maybe everyone is thinking like me, “I” don’t want to do this. I suppose if I think there should be more fellowship and unity, maybe I should be what I want others to be? I’m not saying I want us all to become a set of Care Bears holding hands, fighting the ugly of the world. I’m just saying we should be more supportive of our husbands and the department. Maybe everyone just needs a nudge. I know a lot of the ladies would be more than willing to help, some of us have kids who are old enough to be involved too, I’m sure they would love that. Family. Friends. Enthusiastic members of the community who just want to support our department. I guess the thought of it failing is what is holding me back, maybe what holds everyone back.

I am considering starting a Fire Auxiliary. Not limited to just ladies. I know there may be several men who have full-time jobs and can’t make the time to attend classes to become certified to be volunteers, but might would be interested in taking part in other activities, like an auxiliary. Maybe there are people who are disabled or elderly who would LOVE to be a part of it. To be honest, I know more about fighting fire than what an auxiliary is, does and what legal actions are required. This is the information I will have to find. I need to find out what our purpose is. What can we do for our department? What can we do for the community? What are ways we can raise money? Do we need legal? Are there fees? I’m not sure how long this list would get if I kept up. I just really need to find someone, or be told WHO can help me. I want to know what my responsibility would be before I obligate myself or share my idea.

If any of you have started, are involved, have any information, a suggestion on who to start talking with or any links associated with an auxiliary, they would be appreciated.

Until next time!