Sometimes even the smallest of breaks can cure what ails ya.

My FF has been very busy with work or projects he has going on. I have been very busy with trying to keep busy, keeping on the heels of a 2-year-old who
loves to tear the house apart and in a constant battle with the 11-year-old who apparently turned 30 and I didn’t know it. My house is never clean, yet I am always cleaning. My laundry is never caught up, but somehow I feel like that is all I do. Diapers are being taken off every hour because “Ewww… I pee pee.”. Potty training isn’t easy, y’all. Some days I go to bed with dishes in the sink. Roll your eyes if you want to, and let me be the first to congratulate you if you never, ever had to go to bed with a dirty kitchen. That must be fabulous! The only dishwasher we have are the ones attached at the ends of our arms. This better change soon, or I may have to commit treason and sabotage the husband’s projects. I’m not a needy person, but I NEED A DISHWASHER. I’m never caught up unless the big kid is gone and the FF is working. Then usually me and the tiny tornado manage to have a mostly clean house.

I told my husband this morning for as long as I have wanted a maid, it wasn’t fair when it finally came to me that everyone else in this house has a maid and that it was ME. I’ve been so ill and half brained for about two weeks. I haven’t had the smallest break in what feels like forever. This morning I left the FF and his mini-me at home, alone! I went to run errands and buy groceries. I almost want to cry that this is what I now call a mini vacation but the fact that it saves my sanity is enough to make me grateful. When I got home he had taken out the trash AND done a few dishes. The living room was STILL in one piece and the rest of the house hadn’t been damaged. DOUBLE BREAK!

I needed that, badly. I was one shoe in the middle of the floor away from feeling like a guest star on Snapped! Forreal. I really need to work on losing my head. I spend so much time trying to keep things up that it drives me insane. I was at a breaking point but now, I’m refreshed. At least for a few more days. Only if this middle schooler knew how to do Math because I am not a teacher, I HATE Math and have no ability or patience to teach it. This homework hoopla just may be the death of me. Every parent who spends the majority of their time with the kids, doing house work and keeping things in line needs a break sometimes. This doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you need to re-energize for the next battle. No one should ever have to do it all alone.

Until next time.