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Being a small town fireman’s wife can have it’s perks.  Most of the perks are SMALL, seemingly meaningless perks but to me they are huge.

We live in the country, about 10 miles North of our little handful of red lights “city”.  The County Fire Rescue is stationed right in the middle of the city.  I don’t go to town often, unless I need to.  He went in this morning locally, will get off at 7 am tomorrow, just in time to go to his regular full-time job by 8 am and get off the next morning at 8 am in time to go to one more part-time 24 shift!  I’m good with one shift, two and I’m ok but by that third shift, I need some adult interaction and miss him.

I hear sirens earlier.  I open the door and peep out in time to see a rescue truck going by, my FF driving.  How do I know?  I could almost see my reflection in the back of his bald shiny head 🙂  Then I get to mildly worry what he might see, but since the engine appeared to 10-22 just North of my house, I assumed it was a o k!

My phone rings about 30 minutes later and it’s the FF.  He asked what I was doing, like every phone conversation begins with him, and I replied “Eating a peanut butter sandwich.”  He asked if I would make him one and a glass of tea.  Of course,  HELLO, like I’m going to say no?  Then he said I’ll blow the horn, I do get curbside service, right?  He cracks me up sometimes.

So I went and made his “sammage and tea” and met him at the curb.  He paid me with a kiss.  The little one come out and give daddy a hug and kiss and he was on his way again.

Those 2 minutes are a very big perk, to me.  We get a small second to see daddy in between a long shift.  We couldn’t do this if we lived in a large city.  I love living here.  Now only if I loved all the other people as much >:)