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It’s 7:15 and I’m dreading the day already. It’s the 3rd 24 hr shift in a row my FF has been on and I MUST take care of “man business”. I will do it, because I have to, but I won’t promise not to complain about it… because I am about to! What else would I do? πŸ™‚

I hate to borrow anything, from anyone but my husband borrowed a small trailer suitable for hauling a lawn mower or 4-wheeler, from my dad. We we’re taking it back last weekend when the tilt bed come unsecured and began weaving back and forth with all the screeching and pure craziness about 1/2 mils from the house. Uhoh. So, the trailer really was poorly designed but I think it was human error that caused this problem. The tongue was still on the hitch. The trailer? About 15 feet away where it come to rest when it smacked a guard rail on a small creek bridge. I’d say that was poorly constructed/designed. The truck wasn’t hurt and we were all fine. The kids thought it was hilarious, apparently screeching tires is funny. We were just super glad no one else was on the road and no one called 911, THAT would have been embarrassing being we know 90% of the dispatchers and deputies in this county and I know a lot of them have large mouths! We got it home with the help of a man who lived right there at the bridge.

It just so happens my neighbor is a welding genius and helped my husband repair it. The only problem was the wiring for the lights, had snapped in two. The husband was going to fix it Friday and have it back to my dad before he got home from work (Friday as in TODAY) but forgot when they called him and ask him to pull a 24 today. So, that leaves little ole me to take this thing home. I really, really hope that it doesn’t malfunction because I will leave it on the side of the road. I’ll have no choice!

I’m usually pretty comfortable with doing a man’s job when the man isn’t here. I have quick access to a gun, that I’m not afraid to shoot. I’m not scared to go outside and see what that “scary” noise is. I TRY to keep up with the lawn when I can. I can shoe armadillos off my porch, kill spiders, tinker with the points on the well when they stick, change a flat tire, but I don’t do snakes and I’ve never pulled a trailer that small or alone! Snakes are just unpredictable and I am unafraid of them as long as they are OUTSIDE of my house! The trailer wouldn’t bother me so much only it is so short, I can’t see it in my side mirrors and the lights aren’t going to be working. I don’t want a ticket, I have to drive right through town, right pass the police department. It isn’t really that unsafe, it doesn’t block the tail lights of the truck so anyone who drives like they have a brain will see my brake lights. I’m hoping to bypass all this and go behind the main drag of town. I feel like I’m transporting a few kilo of coke? I hate breaking the law, I get so nervous, even though surely they would understand haha… Depends. Still. I. DON’T. WANT. TO. The consequences if I don’t are worse than my want, so I will endure the anxiety to save my rear from being chewed on from either the FF or the dad.

So the truck is ready, loaded and all hooked up and ready to roll. I wish the FF was here to handle this man business, alas he is making money at his part-time station so that he can work on his project boat and car. Both of which are late 70’S and both of which need some really intense TLC. Those are a whole other topic of discussion. (PS if you know where to get parts for a 1979 Dodge Aspen (or parts for a slant 6) contact me! LMBO!)

Point of my story… When you’re married to a Fireman, you better either be prepared to pull on your big girl panties with a pair of boxers over them sometimes, or have a big support system of people who will help you. I do not have that second option and even though I hate it sometimes, I’m glad I can pull my own.