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Now, I understand that this isn’t what a structure fire typically looks like unless they’re burning it for training. There are calls where something may be this far gone by the time they get there, but we don’t get TOO many calls like this unless they are mobile homes. Those suckers burn in a matter of minutes… This kinda excited and scared me all at once. Scared because I kinda wished I was going in too! This was just a training excercise and apparently it was stripped of all hazardous materials and allowed to be burned because of an extreme termite infestation. Such a shame, beautiful house.

I love how awesome it was to be able to go be a spectator. It was the first time I went to any training related burn with my husband. I have been to a few calls with him, but that was more nerve wrecking than fun, this was FUN! I was quite an experience and I appreciate them, even more that I did before. There were a few departments there, some paid, volunteer and even two inmate firefighters. They were all bunkered out and it was hot and humid. They took turns in groups, rotating on the hose, going in and knocking a fire down. It was very exciting to watch not only because I got to see all those men in action but because the nature of fire is very cool. It was fun to watch with my FF, he didn’t participate since he has all his continuing education for the year. He was telling me all kind of things that maybe I retained.

The inmate firefighter idea is interesting. Had he not pointed them out to me, I wouldn’t have guessed they were inmates. I think that it is awesome that they are given the chance to learn a great job skill. It also provides the county they are from fire protection, as they just recently have paid firemen and then utilize inmates to cover what they can’t pay to be on shift. I’m a firm believer in second chances and rehabilitation. As long as they weren’t arsonists, I think it’s great lol

The FF wants to run me through his course, teach me and get me registered as a volunteer. That excites me. A lot. I’m in need to lose some pound and getting in shape anyway. I’d love to go and get certified, mainly because it is something that we can bond over. Sometimes on off days all we talk about is fires, wrecks and chain of commands, so it would be nice to KNOW what he is saying.

I don’t worry about him any more than I did before. Seeing this house on fire wasn’t something that I’m afraid of. It was awesome. It was informative. It was hard work for all of them. Anyone who thinks firefighters have easy jobs should have to go to a training excercise, put on bunker gear and run them through just once.

I love Sweet Brown’s autotune news clip, so I’ll share it now. She wasn’t offended by this, there is a clip of her being interviewed about this video. She enjoys it. This lady is hilarious.