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This morning’s post, About my brain tornado has spewed over into this afternoon. I just have a lot to say and no one to tell it to. Last night’s dishes are still in the sink. I think I’ll bribe the eldest with homemade pizza if she will help me tackle the kitchen. The kitchen that just so happened to be occupied by a snake earlier. Did I say SNAKE? Yeah, I said snake. I don’t mind snakes, but they do not belong inside of my house. A small, skinny, slithering little snake. Best I could tell, it was just an oak snake, but my name isn’t Steve Corwin now is it? Probably chasing in mice because it’s harvesting season here in farm country and they are invading as well. I love being country but the creepy crawly part of it I never took to.

Some days you just have to laugh! Lose your sanity, bask in the ever changing FIRENADO our lives are sometimes, and just laugh at it all. That link, btw, is freaking awesome!!! Besides the fact that they kill people and damage stuff, they are interesting. I’d never heard of one before yesterday, but I think they are perfect real life picture of what it feels like to be a Fire Family sometimes.

We had speech therapy, at the same time I saw the snake. I should have gotten it then, but the therapist wasn’t going to wait for me and Mini Daddy wasn’t going to let me go into the kitchen without her. So I sat and waited 30 mins and that snake is special, Houdini special. He disappeared into the great unknown. I’m not really too concerned with it. It is just a snake. He might do me a favor and gobble up some hiding mice. I won’t like him any more but I will appreciate it.

I also forgot one of the most important things when I went into town this morning. COFFEE. HOW do I forget it? Gee. I’ve forgotten creamer so many times that I’ve trained myself to just take it with a splash of milk. But I can’t have a splash of milk in my coffee, if I have no coffee. Damn. 15 miles back to town, for coffee? I’m not sure if I can justify it as a necessity, although it feels like one. I think I may just pilfer some from my neighbor. Ok, I won’t pilfer but I will borrow!

I did however find some diapers on clearance for $2.25 per pack. That is a big win since the little one is not interested in sitting on the potty, just saying “Ewwww, I pee pee.” while pointing to her crotch THEN wanting to go sit on the potty, wipe and flush. Smiling and clapping like she done her business. It was cute at first. At first. All in due time, you can’t rush these things I don’t suppose.

Did I mention the snake? I’m laughing, really.