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I’d sure hate to break down here. This is ugly! This sure is a crappy mood I am in. I can place half of the blame on Eve, I am woman… hear me go into a full blown PMS induced rant. The other half I can’t put anywhere but on myself. I need to be vented before there’s an explosion.  I don’t usually complain, I’m a big believer in you make your own happiness.  I could let this all roll off my back but I’m just tried of being strong so I’ll take my thirty minutes of whining!

There really isn’t anything in particular bothering me. Nothing massive. Nothing life altering. No one thing that is just constantly annoying. Just a list of things that have happened this week, of all weeks. Maybe I’m a bit too sensitive, this week. Just random things that pile up like:


3 back to back 24s
I am snappy and even kittys and rainbows suck.
FF asking me to bring him things he forgot.
Fieldtrip I msised because I have 2 yo
2yo has been bark coughing.
Dr visit was annoying as a walk in
Meds are making her a rabid animal
In town, had to go home then BACK for personal reasons
Eldest is blowing off school work…
Grrrrr Eldest is blowing off direct ORDERS.
House decently clean, but then I notice how outdated. Yuck.
K, the 2 yo, thought the TV needed makeup!
I didn’t shower last night, waiting on K’s bedtime tonight.
I really need a shower.
K is refusing to potty train
She is currently naked as the day she was born, diaper MIA
New cat is overly loving and I aint seen it mouse yet
I’m hoping said cat adjusts well and soon becomes a hunter
It has swatted K in the face, but K wont stop being Elmyra!
Self cleaning oven is horrible
Finally planted pumpkins and squash FF was suppose to…
(Be they aren’t ready by Thanksgiving now!)
Sink full of dishes… what’s new no drinking glasses.
That’s good because there’s also no tea to go in them.
Babyshower in 2 days, much to do with zero help.
I hate doing things for people who ASk for favors… like doing a babyshower…….. you don’t ask people to do a shower…. She don’t know better so I am.  Family.
Ungrateful people should say thank you once in a while.  Damnit.
That brings me to no one doing anything I say!  Hello, can you hear me?
Truck not cranking, finally fix.  By fixed, I mean rigged.
FF leaving Wed for a 3 day OOT class, in MY TRUCK.
Close to the beach.  Ugly east coast beach, but none the less, a beach .
I don’t like when classes cost me $150, not one bit.
My room is the dirtiest in the house right now.
My Cricut craft room lost all my carts.  Boo to them, sent email!
The weather is yucky and has been for days.
Found out we’re hosting 1 of 3 days of Thanksgiving for his family, glad he asked me before he said yes (I’m rolling my eyes, just picture it)
I had to buy K shoes because she had NO matching pairs… WHERE did they go?  TODAY, I can ONLY find ONE of the NEW ones… Is she eating them?!?!?!
Stop texting me random stupid things that aren’t helpful or funny or even cute.  Sometimes, I just really cuss out loud when I hear my phone ring or go off because I wish I’d of lived in the days of no technology and only form of communication was letters or if you ran into someone during your yearly trip to town.  Fo’real.
We’re gonna miss a family “function” because I can’t find a sitter.

I’m just grumpy.  I know NONE of those things really matter but when them all on my plate, I just want to chew it all up and spit it all back out. Can I just throw myself on the floor like K and throw a 2yo tantrum, kicking and screaming I don’t want to do this today???  No?  Fine, I have big girl panties and since the hubs isn’t here I can have boxer briefs too if need be.

I hate the idea of my husband being 3-4 hours away.  We done it our whole first 2 years for half a week, every week but now it just seems scary.  I’m being irrational, I know.  I wish he had kid duty on all dr days.  I hate dr days.  I really hate being in town, having an issue and having to drive home then back.  15 miles north of town, then back.  That makes one trip 60 miles.  Kids screaming and the eldest thinks she is a third parent!  Sassy mouth, she needs a dump truck load of Orbit and she needs to share with me because I’ve not had the cleanest mouth either.

We did manage to go eat lunch with Daddy at his full-time station since he is there alone.  We didn’t stay long, K was ill from the meds and ready for a nap.  Come home, she didn’t nap because the neighbor had someone taking down his above ground pool and it was kinda loud.  Yay me.  At his part-time station I just feel so awkward that I never go in.  In 6 years I think I’ve been in twice…  so yeah, yesterday’s deliveries were daddy meeting us at the truck visits.

What else I hate.  Being #1 parent 24/7.  I’d like to sit on a toilet and not worry someone is going to go outside, destroy something important or hurt themselves.  I’d like to bathe without I’m on Minute To Win It.  I want to eat something that isn’t cold or being eaten by other people from my plate.  I want a cold drink and a quiet tv show that doesn’t have singing or cartoons.  I want 5 minutes of not hearing mama a hundred times.  (I am fully aware I’d miss all of this given something horribly tragic happened but that doesn’t make me any less likely to not be completely annoyed with it right now!)  I am an old fashioned girl but dang, why is it when a man has his own children he is “babysitting”????  I do not babysit my kids.  Also, all babysitting has to be found by the woman I am guessing?  His cousin is having a party that we can’t attend because I couldn’t find a sitter.  This is one thing I won’t worry over, I wasn’t happy with the idea of going, but was willing to given we found a sitter.  Bummer, no such luck.

I just need to breath and have a cup of coffee… and let it pass.
Doing all of this alone isn’t my cup of tea, but it just might be my pitcher of margaritas!  I’m kidding, I don’t drink much.  NOT that I don’t want to, my body just really punishes me badly if I have much.  So add that to the list, stupid body wages war on alcohol.  What’s left?  Yep… chocolate.  Lindt Lindor was ravaged earlier, sweet melt in your mouth truffles.

The good news is once the FF gets home from his 3 day excursion, he will be off for a few shifts and by then this mood should have passed.  I will make it through all of this because I am a woman who can take care of her own, I just want to do a little complaining along the way this time.