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Chicago Fire made its television debut this week. The jury is still out for me, I need to see where they are taking things before I decide, but there are many of people who are going batcrap over it. In a bad way. Before I go on, I want everyone to know that this is just my opinion. Just my own personal review of the show so far, one episode in. If Chicago Fire offended you deeply, you might want to pass this post up. If you haven’t viewed it yet, this is your spoiler alert warning. With that said, I love all Firefighters/EMS/Law Enforcement/Public Safety… you all make this a better place with your sacrifice!

Facebook fan page for Chicago Fire

Nice to look at cast, acting? Well… ok. Drama? Ready to boil over already. First episode? Crammed full of lots of information that should have taken more than one episode to reveal.

To be honest, no show will ever steal my firefighter loving heart away from Rescue Me. I rejected Dennis Leary and that filthy show for as long as I could, then I watched an episode, then another and another until I was on the very last one, crying my eyes out! That show is forever a part of me and I loved the cast deeply. So much in fact, a week after the show ended I was still depressed. (Sue me, I’m a SAHM with a FF who is gone a lot and I rarely see real people so my TV people are my only adult interaction other than Facebook!) I have gathered a TON of firefighters and fire wives loved this show as much as I do. We all know that Rescue Me was at times, so far off the wall that it was ridiculous but we ate it up! It was fictional, played into a lot of firefighter stereotypes and showed lots of things that could be fatal errors for real life departments. Nonetheless, I LOVE IT.
Chicago Fire? It is just a show and no, it is not accurate. Not from the any of the occupational viewpoints I saw in the first episode. The cop didn’t check the closet? Really?? That paramedic, who just so happened to be a woman, demanded an armed thug to drop his “piece”. Shocker, psh. The blonde they conned the rookie (who must be new to the acting world) into hitting on, is a lesbian. Firefighter was shooting what I assume was pain killers. I could go on, but I won’t. This show is no different (accuracy wise) than Rescue Me, or any of the other billion Public Servant type shows.

So, why are people so uproared about it? It isn’t the first show that makes them look like panty dropping, homewrecking, drug shooting horndogs with bad practices and fatal errors because they didn’t immobilize or double-check ventilation. It will not be the last show. It’s GOOD FOR RATINGS. I understand it might not be good for the image of firefighters, cops, ems… but does the general public REALLY believe that the show is how life really is? I’d be shocked if any person with logical thinking and common sense believed the show is accurate. Now, some of it could be true, bits and pieces from many departments in the history of firefighting… but for all of this, in ONE department… is very laughable to me. Do the public really believe cops beat people, like on SVU’s Stabler? No way, Jose. If they do, again… laugh-a-ble!

It isn’t insult me, make me angry or anything. It doesn’t make me worry more, or annoy my FF while at work making sure he is safe and not hooking up with co-workers. I read a guy say that he was ashamed to be a firefighter, because of how the show made them look. Now, maybe he just worded his feelings wrong, but that is ridiculous. Be mad at the show, fine. Critique it so badly that no one can enjoy it, great. Let a tv show dictate how you feel about your occupation? Don’t do that. It’s ok if our FFs don’t like these shows, none of us have to watch unless we want to. It is ok, just fictional television for people who enjoy action and drama, no matter how fake it is.

Did you watch the show? Hate it? Love it? Think people overreact or do they have a valid point Hollywood needs to take into consideration?