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In the beginning of my relationship with my FF I was very guarded. I was skeptical and I was suspicious. Not of him so much, but everyone in general. I had a bit of a trust issue going on and it grew obvious the more time that passed. I had come out of a marriage a few years before that had left me broken in the relationship department and stronger in the independent department.

It took some time and to make a long boring story short, I trust my husband 100%. This does not mean that I won’t call someone out if I feel like they are disregarding my marriage, it means that I trust my husband to always keep me and our family at the top of his list in all decisions he makes. I cannot live life in fear of the past repeating itself. How many people have marriages that this is rotting from the inside out? I do not want to hold my FF responsible for the mistakes of anyone in my past. I have, and I am so deeply sorry for that and I thank God my FF was so understanding. Even though it caused him to feel degraded and frustrated, he was easy on me. I do time to time feel that trying to sneak back into my life, but I am so aware of it now that I try to kick it out as soon as I notice.

I hate for any marriage to suffer. You made a commitment and that means at one time you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person. People forget that. How do you forget how much you loved someone at a point in time?

I suggested the Love Dare to someone on Facebook and was pretty much thrown under the bus for it. No good deed goes unpunished? Doesn’t bother me. If your husband stating he is done doesn’t bother you, then fine. It doesn’t bother me either, sister. This couple obviously has a lot of demons but if I point that out, lovingly, I feel the wrath. The devil has a foothold in that marriage and nothing but calling out to God will save them. I felt like it was a decently nice thing to do, but apparently I shouldn’t have. My comment was “Love Dare. Do it.”. That would benefit her and at least make a few days easier but, what to the ev… right?

I am so thankful that I am in a marriage that I feel comfortable enough to know when I need to break down and pour my soul out to him, when I need to put my pride aside and apologize, when I need to sacrifice what I want for what he needs… My marriage isn’t perfect. Perfection is reserved for Heaven, my marriage is doable. We argue, as make snippy comments and don’t agree on a whole lot to be honest but the love we have surpasses it all.

Is your marriage in need of reviving?
There is ZERO shame, that is a strength building thing to do. Revive it.
I suggest the Love Dare. If you are non-Christian, just replace the wording with something that you agree with. The Lord has ways of reaching out to you anyway 🙂 I have also read The Five Love Languages is good, I haven’t read it yet but I am looking forward to! Even the best marriages could be better! Let’s get revived, you in?