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Drunk Driving is something that has never directly affected me, yet something that drives me insane. I’m not sure why I push this issue on everyone but it is something worth pushing. It could possibly cost not only your life, but the life of your passengers and/or others you meet on the road.

Today I got a text message about a young man who I’ve known since he was a kid. Ok, we’ll I’m only 5 years older than he is, but to me they were always kids. Which is odd, he is the same age as my husband but when we were 14 and 10, that difference seemed a lot bigger than it does now. I’ve read several stories about what happened and the only one thing that is a common factor is that alcohol was involved.

27 years old and dead. How is that right? Who is that fair to? Why didn’t they just take the time to make better decisions? I haven’t seen him in ages. Maybe it is the young boy with tan skin and dark hair that I remember being sweet, the fact that I have children of my own or that it was supposedly drunk driving that took his life. I am so sad. Any loss of life makes me sad. I can’t count the times I have cried for people I’ve never met. I know things like empathy are a gift from God but I have yet to find a purpose for it. So it is more like a curse, I have no idea what to do with it. I hate it most of the time.

I’ve cried much of the afternoon and have this very sad feel. Life is short and people are being reckless. People are dying that want to live so much, but they don’t have the choice because of cancer or disease. This emotion isn’t because I am sad about his passing, which I am but not on a personal level, but because there are numerous people who are grieving right now. Facebook is showing that he knew a TON of people and the outpouring is enormous. A stupid mistake has now caused a lot of people unnecessary hurt. A life was lost and you can not get it back. What is more heartbreaking than the loss of a life? I just really hope that this is a grim reminder to all who knew him to think twice before driving after drinking next time. So young.

Life is something that is so sweet and precious, yet it is the one thing we take for granted the most. We are but a vessel for what is inside of us, this life that we are but there is something so sacred about the life leaving the vessel. No matter how the life is loss, there should be a time of mourning.

Another reason that I think I have such a big problem with drunk drivers is when they do wreck, my husband has to see the result. Our public safety arrive on a scene that was absolutely avoidable, yet could cause them grief themselves. It isn’t fair to anyone.

Please, never drink and drive. It is a selfish, ridiculous mistake to make. The only thing worse than dying, is living after you’ve killed someone else. I’m not sure if I could live with that. I plan on making this one of my top rules when my children reach the driving age. I would much rather ANYONE call me to pick them up than to hear they have been killed, or killed another person. I would much prefer my kids call me, than to attempt to drive after drinking. I would never turn down anyone who called for help.

Please think your plans through, you might save a life.

Playing with vehicles is also a big no no. I found out tonight that this was caused by playing around, not just driving down the road. It is utterly heartbreaking that a stupid decision cost a life. Please live carefree but not reckless.