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It’s funny how one good day after a bunch of bad ones can be just what you needed. Today has been one of the best days I have had in a while, excluding this sinus headache that feels like it might be trying to go migraine. Even with the headache, radio traffic, the news from Sandy’s ill behavior, it was damn near perfect and I hate that it had to end so soon.

My husband was on for 96 hours straight Thursday until Monday morning (between 3 depts) and off 48. Yesterday we went to see my grandparents and new niece and then I only got him today until 3pm though. He has a class until Friday two hours North so I dropped him off at his department and came back home. Another 72 without him, then he comes home just in time to unload bags, repack and sleep for his shift on Saturday. I miss him! I almost cried, I miss him already. That is how good day has been, I felt sad to leave him. That is a good bad feeling.

I didn’t do a THING other than swap out some laundry so he would have uniforms for class and microwave some bacon for BLT lunches. We watched tv, played online, laughed, acted the fool, played with the toddler, and laid around in bed until time to get ready to go. It was fantastic. It isn’t that we haven’t gotten along lately, but we haven’t been on the same page. We haven’t been happy at the same time, playful at the same time or even had energy at the same time. Until today. It just clicked. The one time I felt peeved and started to rant, the last part of my ranting I added was hilariously funny and we all laughed. Even the 2yo who had NO idea why she was laughing but thought since we were, it MUST be appropriate. What had happened was…… not appropriate for me to say to anyone else but just take my word for it that top-heavy women can have issues that sound funny when you say them out loud.

I think I’ve smiled this entire post, still with headache and while kids and the cat are screaming in the livingroom. This makes me so grateful. I pray that everyone keeps the aftermath, those who were affected and those who will be working hard to recover keeps their faces and hearts to the sky. Whether you hope, pray or send out good energy, they need it in North East America.

Do you need a good day?
I hope you all get one soon!