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I’m just a girl in this world, that’s all that you’ll let me be.

I recently read some interesting conversation online that had me thinking. What is a woman’s place in the world? Frying chicken, folding laundry, being a sex slave and popping out babies…… glorious job of a woman? I am old fashioned, but times have changed and the only place a woman (and I will get to this, or man) should be, is exactly right where they want to be. There are rules and exclusions, but that is a on basis call. If you disagree with me, then we can just agree that what I think is best for me and what you think is best for you.

I’m no feminist. Really, I’m not. I do have some pretty down to Biblical views of how women should function in society and marriage. I do think women should be the primary caretakers, after all it is pretty much hardwired into us to be compassionate and motherly. I do think women should highly respect their husband as being the head of the house, he is to lead and she is to minister. I feel like women are to take care of their husband’s needs, not only in the bedroom but in life in general. With all of this said, that doesn’t mean she cannot be anything other than a woman pleasing husband’s and tending to children. Just because one has a vagina, doesn’t men that she is any less important, intelligent or able than a man.

As long as a woman is not neglecting her husband or children, then I feel like if she wants to drive a semi truck, become a paramedic, law enforcement, Navy Seal, FIREFIGHTER, doctor, magician or beautician, it is fine by me. I’d prefer her not be a stripper or prostitute because that is just degrading to women IMO, but if that is what she wants to do then, whatever… it’s going to happen but that doesn’t require anything but a lack of self respect. Anywho. If a woman can complete the same training and standards as not just a man but anyone, then she deserves to do so. The idea of a mother being a firefighter (or cop, or military, or any high risk job) freaks me out a little from the point that if she were to ever fall into the LODD category, it would feel different to me than a father. Mommies shouldn’t die that way but the truth is, some do and they are just as honorable as the men. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It just seems different to lose your mother. Not worse, just different.

I’ve had male nurses and beauticians who were every bit as good as women. Did their manhood shrivel away and become nonexistent? No. I’ve seen female firefighters who probably were as masculine as the men. I’ve personally never met a “girly” female firefighter. I know volunteers but no one that does it as an occupation. It isn’t like they’re gonna stop mid fire because they “oh me gee, broke a nail!”. I feel certain that departments of any kind would weed out any female that was unable to perform task as need be. I feel comfortable that they wouldn’t allow them to bring risk to anyone’s lives within the department. I think they would handle it the way it needed to be done, or at least I would hope. No one, male or female, needs to have my husband’s life in their hands if they cannot handle the job. No way, no how.

I’d love to go through and become a volunteer. Maybe even go and become state certified. Not to follow my desire to have a career in the fire service, because my dream isn’t are heroic as being a firefighter. I’m just not driven to be that courageous. I just want to know what my husband has to go through, first hand. How hard it is in full gear and a time limit. I think it would be great to help if needed, but I don’t want to rush into a house fire… unless there were no other options and even then, I wouldn’t know if I would or could unless I was in that position.

What do you think about a woman having a “man’s” job?