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Life just went from wild to oh my god how am I going to keep up??

That was my first reaction to finding out one of my firefighter’s part-time jobs turned into his second full-time jobs! At the rate he has been working I between his FT and all of the PTs, it’s been pretty constant anyway, so it won’t really change much. After I was out of the shock, I realized it will just become the new norm.

Working every third day just went to only being off every third day. I was excited that the second FT job had Kelly days… then was informed that they done away with them… that really caused me to nearly tell him to turn it down. Then as if I needed more emotional stimulation, they are going back to Kelly days due to OT and draining the budget. That will make it easier, so that he at least gets two days in a row off every now and then.

Being a single mother and the man of the house just went from a third of my life, to two thirds of my life. He hasn’t had his first day yet and I am already missing him. The kids will most likely not notice a big difference, besides how often we go to the station. We only go every few weeks or longer, but with him working 48’s until further notice, I think we’ll be opting for more station time. Maybe a special Friday shift taco night or Sunday at the full-time dept movie day since his FT Dept is one man stations.

Sleeping alone just went from 2-4 nights a week to only having him here 2-3 nights a week. I’m suddenly very thankful that we are gun owners and that I know how to aim and shoot. The FF bought a new 12 gauge today, which I shot because he wants me to shoot every gun he buys. I’m not dainty but it was kind of like a small mule… It didn’t overpower me and I can hit what I aim for. I hope to never have to protect my home and children, but should the need arise, I’ll not hesitate to pull the trigger. I’m not afraid to basically live alone, drive home in the dark or sleep with a gun within arms reach. I’m just glad that I know how to handle a gun.

Money just went from sometimes being tight, to a second full time income. I’m really trying to lay out on paper what we need to do in order to become debt free other than the mortgage and getting things lined up that we need to do. I want to be entirely smart and beneficial with this.

I would be lying if I said that two full time jobs didn’t freak me out in the beginning, or that I didn’t get overly emotional and run through all of the things and time we’re going to be “cheated” out of as I say when I am feeling selfish… or that I wish he’d of turned it down, but I’m glad he didn’t. I will take this as i have to and do what I need to do to support my husband.

It’s going to take some getting use to, his first day is next week. I’m still working on getting organized and setting a routine… but my master degree in procrastination has just been out on display. It’s time to sit back and hold on tight.

Do you every feel like something went from good to crazy, only to find that it’s actually great? That is what I am mostly hoping, praying.