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Sometimes I wonder if I am too simple. Not just simple to please and like to live as simply as possible but my mind might be a tad simple too.

I have a high school education and no desire to extend that. I don’t want to have a degree in something that I hate doing, and if anything includes me working closely with other people, I will hate doing it. People can be so ugly and well, ugly is contagious! Before my last little one come along, I worked in a place that was slowly turning me into a lump of coal! Office life is just too much gossip and hateful comments. Those too are contagious. I don’t see me ever working another job that requires me to work that closely with other people or having a boss for that matter. I know, I’m in dreamland, let me sleep.

I wouldn’t mind a few small business courses, because my ultimate dream is opening my own business. This has been on me for a few years and I just don’t know where/how to begin. I set out two years ago to do so, a friend put in to be partners, and we got started. Somewhere along the way between what my intentions were and what we ended up being was so far off course, it was ridiculous. Apparently I give her too much say and what my vision was had nothing to do with monogrammed items and polka dots. We had a good run. We didn’t hit it big but it could have been great… but due to lack of options and lack of quality on one end, I decided to just cut those ropes. I miss it but it was such a large headache working with anyone else that I now know that I don’t want a boss and I do NOT want a partner, other than my husband. I still have people calling me from time to time for me to create something for them, and I do… just not often.

I still have my heart set on my dreamland vision business, I feel like it would do well… it would be the only one of it’s kind within the few surrounding cities. I think about it a lot, just not enough. I really want to work on becoming dept free, then seeing what has to be done for it to go from SAHM dream to reality.

Are you wondering if it is Fire related? Of course it is, but it’s so much more than that. It’s so wonderful in my head. I don’t want to become a millionaire! I just want to sustain a level of comfort, and nothing more. Just somethings simple. I’m so simple.

I think we often make a lot of things far more complicated than they have to be, do you?