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Let the Christmas Chaos begin.

There is only one house that drives me crazy when it comes to Christmas.
My parent’s. My Mama is absolutely tolerant and flexible. She gets annoyed with everyone else as much as I do. My dad and sisters on the other hand, well… let’s just say that they feel like they are the center of the universe and the rest of us just revolve around that.

Thank God my Firefighter’s family are so flexible. They work with him, around his schedule and my crazy family schedule. I’m sure if his mother was still alive, we’d be expected to come there Christmas morning as well. His dad is just as go with the flow as I have ever met. He is pretty socially awkward but easy to get along with. The only other family he has that we interact with would be his mother’s family. Two uncles and an aunt that live here. Last year we had Christmas on New Year’s Day. THAT is flexible.

My dad thinks that if we can’t all be at HIS house, on THE holiday, at the SAME TIME… then it isn’t Christmas. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone with my views… but while we do the whole decorations and gifts, ultimately I believe the Christmas of Jesus and his birth. I like to spend the day enjoying things, people and food. Not feeling so stressed out about making people angry or having to travel with times adding up to hours by the end of the day.

Not to mention my firefighter has to work the day after, and will need to get ready for work…

I like to see my family throughout the year and feel like if I want to stay at home, with just my husband and children on Christmas day, that should not bother anyone. We don’t just so see anyone on just holidays. We try to make rounds fairly often. If I marked down every time any of them come to my house for reasons other than wanting a babysitter, I’d only have a page with my Mama’s name on it. So tell me who doesn’t care about “Family”. We’ve tried to tie in Christmas Eve as a day that we can work in some family time but no one wants to, besides my mother that is. Imagine that.

I love Christmas so much. The tree, freshly cut smelling so nice. Lights, big and small, strung up, burning in the dark of night. The music, oh the music! The nativity scenes that are so awesome, the bigger… the better. The wrapping paper and bows! The food. The joy.

Then there is the window of everyone scrambling to see what times everyone wants to meet and I feel like the Grinch is trying to suck it all right out of me.

I’m sorry Grinches, you’re NOT stealing my joy. I’m going to enjoy one of the few days my firefighter has off. I am going to relax and hope my children enjoy it. I am going to praise the Lord for Baby Jesus and the gift of eternal life. I’ll smile and do what I can, to accommodate those that I can, without stressing myself out. The rest need a lesson in the true meaning of Christmas.

Are you ready for this Chaos!?