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I don’t want to block out all of today’s tragedy.  My heart and prayers go out to every single person this horrific accident radiated out to, sometimes some of the people who things affect are overlooked because they aren’t viewed in the big picture.


This should include family, friends, first responders and really, a country…

With that said, I just posted about the gift our public safety has, because it has to be a calling.  This further more confirms that for me…

What about the people behind the scenes? Being a firefighter wife, I normally think about the scene and then our men and women who are working it.

In times of tragedy, whether it is a natural disaster or some lunatic drowning her kids or a madman shooting up a school, people often only see the first hand victims.  The people who continue to be affected by these things are sometimes not even thought about.  People forget to pray for them and their broken hearts.

It starts affecting people from the time the first person realizes what has happened, to the time the cleanup crew leaves.  The dispatcher who has to listen, helpless, on a phone line to someone frantic and scared.  The cops who rush in, armed and ready to lose their life.  The firefighters who come to rescue in way more situations than people give them credit for… not just fires.  EMS who have to treat the wounded.  The coroner, who never has a good call, right?  The hospitals.  Cleanup crews who have to come in, removed fragments of something that use to be a portion of someone’s body and cleaning up all of the blood. One person can cause hundreds, thousands and as 9/11 proved, millions and millions of people such heartache that literally lasts a lifetime.

Selfless, Godless, mentally ill or hate filled people.

That on top of all natural disasters and man-caused accidents.  Having to find people burned alive in their homes, mangled in their cars or drowned by floods.  Tornadoes and hurricanes ripping through, killing and damaging life.

The people who willing come in, try to save the day or what remains of it and try to make things return as close to normal as possible deserve all the prayers you can manage to send their way.  The lucky ones do not face hardships like this often, some face tragic things too often to mention.  They chose these professions, knowing what they might one day have to face.  They are my heroes.  Men and women carrying the burdens of many, some are just too heavy.

Thank you to everyone who has any part of taking the best care possible when things like today happen, or nature strikes.

For any first responder, loved one or friend who thinks someone has faced too much burden there are resources out there.  Please reach out, don’t be pushy but let them know that if not to you, there are others willing and waiting to listen… PTSD isn’t pretty.

Do you see a big picture that you’ve never seen before?