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I had a post ready in my head for today about what has been occupying my time since I’ve not posted much. I will get to that on a another day.

This is not intended to be a religious post, but it could be viewed that way.  It is all just my own personal views.  You don’t need my permission to disagree, but I refuse to approve any comments that are anything other than full of positive and love, even if the words do not agree with mine 🙂

Today I can’t get over being sad about people and opinions. I’m a firm believer that we’re all entitled to our each individual opinions, after all we were made to be freethinkers with free will. I’ll thank my God for that. I am over opinionated on some topics, I have some strong views and am rather conservative when it comes to how I want to live MY life. How you choose to live your life, is YOUR choice.  I believe that we were handing the Bible as a guide for life but my main goal as a Christian is to strive to become as much like Christ as I humanly can.  Christ was not a hate-filled  sarcastic, vile spewing Bible Thumper.  He was the perfect Christian.

If I had a ballot in from of me asking how I would vote on:
Gay Marriage: NO
Abortion: NO
Legalize drugs: NO
Sunday Alcohol Sales: NO
Legalize prostitution: NO

My vote would be no. Now, that is ok, I’m in no way asking you to agree with me.  I straddle the fence on political party and won’t go there today. I am entitled to vote the way I want, people fought that battle for me to have that right long ago. What I do not have the right to do is try to force my opinion on you. Tell YOU how to place YOUR vote. Tell YOU how to live YOUR life.

I could list several people in my life who are gay, have had an abortion, do drugs, drink on Sunday, and if I pried a little I am sure I could find someone who has at some point had sex in exchange for something.

I could also list people who I think follow Christ closely.  People who are wonderful Christians, who fail but are humble spirits.  Then there are those who are Holier than thou and refuse everyone the same love.  Breaks my heart.  I don’t feel like my God is the same God.  He may hate the sin, but the sinner is his child.  I wish they would state their opinions in ways that are acceptable.  Like, I do not agree with the _______ lifestyle but I love you and pray for you anyway.  Simple.

(A probably unneeded disclaimer: I do not own this picture, it is a print for sale, I’m not paid to advertise this, I think it is great and would love a print myself)

Someone once told me that “Some people you just have to love from right where they are.”.  It took me a while to grasp that and process it.

You can love someone that is different than you.  You can befriend someone who is a different religion, a different race, a different political party.  Everyone isn’t made from the same mold, we all grow to have our own thoughts.  Love people for them, not their life.  You don’t have to drink, smoke or live a crazy life.  You don’t have to be a feminist.  You do not have to be prude.  You do not have to be there when your male friend has gay man sex.  Is that graphic?  Because me typing that is as ridiculous as it sounds to me to say someone is gay and I can’t be friends with them.

Just love.  Pray for them.  Lift them up.  Be a positive person in their life.  I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was tougher than nails, he was nailed to a cross and killed to rise again, washing all of my sins away.  I’m not going to force that down your throat.  I want to spend my eternal life on the other side of Heaven’s Gates and invite you to join me.  Jesus Christ can make all things possible, all you must do is believe.

I leave you with this, not matter who you are, I hope this finds you well and that you are loving people from right where they are because I hope people are loving me right where I am!