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I’ve been a tad busy since Christmas.  Trying to get my life a little less hectic by organizing and getting ready for Spring!

I’ve been dying to have a greenhouse.  Laugh if you will, but this year our garden will consist of organics.  I’ve been getting a little lip about trying to remove chemicals and toxins from my dinner plate.  We needed a greenhouse to get my garden going, since there are literally next to no organic transplant nurseries around.  Growing from seed is my only choice and my husband isn’t resisting too much.



Being a SAHM, married to a firefighter in South Georgia means sometimes we have to pinch pennies and make due.  We found an elderly couple looking to get rid of their old greenhouse frame.  We bought some lumber and film, used the frame and some chicken wire we already had and got this up in three off days.  3 off days for us means it took a week and a half.  We’re still shy of the doors, so hopefully Monday we can complete it.  It’s 10′ x 18′.  Huge.  It isn’t exactly as cute as it was in my head, but we done it all ourselves and it will get the job done.  The vents will go in the doors.

Then I’ll have to start working on getting running water, electricity and most importantly, some tables to do my work!  My seed should be in any day now, I already have flower seeds waiting on me.  We also purchased a ton of planters and starting trays from the elderly couple.  They were a tad weathered, but will last a while longer.

I’ve also been working on the mulching in the yard!  When we moved here, there were a few hundred bricks laying around.  Some broken, some whole, some red, some orange and a few tan ones.  I used those to line my flower beds, to make weed eating easier for the hubs.

yardI’m all for using what you have.  Want not, waste not.  Re-purpose those things that don’t need to end up in the landfill.  I’ve also done a few pickle and candle jar solar lights.  Super easy and cheap.  The below will work well with pickle jars and ribbon also.  Just use glue to attach and cover the seem with ribbon or burlap strip!

Desktop1It is hard to tell but the tops of these are the inexpensive solar lights from Wal-Mart.  Just take them off.  They range from 97 cent to close to 5 bucks.  This is the 2 buck on, sitting on top of an old candle holder, a large jar candle and last a glass votive with clear beads in the bottom.   I can thank Pinterest for this one 🙂  These will be cute on the steps or on the porch table.  Yes.

I’ve not been trying to avoid blogging.  Finding time and a clear mind has been the trouble.  Since the husband took on a second full-time job I have been stretched a little thin, but I’m making it work.  Just trying to find my groove, be a fire wife, a mother who is often single and a person who likes to garden and craft.  I need a clone, two more arms and a large bank account to pay for it all.

I’m ready for Spring, that is obvious.