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I love when people complain about their marriage, then refuse to do anything about it.  I try to offer good ideas/options to people who are refusing that they are part of the problem, but that has blown up in my face a time or two with family.

My first marriage sucked.  I was young, naive and felt trapped.  My now marriage isn’t perfect, we’re normal.  We argue and bicker.  We roll eyes and say ugly things.  We huff, puff and sometimes it might sound like we’re going to blow the house down!  At the end of the day we’ve apologized, admit our faults.  Listen to each other.  Say I love you.  Learn from our mistakes.  I feel that is pretty normal.

Firefighter Wife on Facebook started The Love Dare again this morning. I think it is a great tool, even if you aren’t religious. Anything in the name of bettering your marriage. Firefighterwife.com is also a great tool for many things. Lives are being changed, does yours need to be one of them?

It saddens me to see people, especially women, put all of the blame on their husbands. They focus on the things he doesn’t do, or doesn’t do right and just run with it. Never trying to be the better person, and maybe inspire their husband. We can’t both be a-holes at the same time, one of use have to be the person who pushes love more than critiquing. We’re all human and all make mistakes. Some are hard to try to forgive and some things take lots of time and patience. Be diligent and proactive in your marriage. Save it before it needs saving because all marriages hit a rough patch at some point and many hit more than one.

I have a lot more I could add, but I’m pressed for time. I have one home from school sick and another is trying to be the boss of me and currently has nothing on yelling I peepee (in the potty) so, just try to take as much from this as you can.

Just put your pride away. There is no room for pride in marriage, only humility. Love more when things get tough. Hold your tongue when you get the urge to be spiteful. Think over things before you speak. Ask for forgiveness when you’re wrong and forgive when you should. Love is a choice in the end, choose love. ❤