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I’m not sure why or how, but I generally don’t get sick. One of the nasty stomach virus’ usually get me if someone in my house gets one, but generally, I don’t get colds, the flu or have anything unbearable with sinus problems. I’ve heard “That damn Murphy is a cop!” a few times from fire wives. No offense to my LEOs. I love the law, unless they’re A) Crooked or B) pulling me over. Much love any other time.

Back to the sickness.


…………… but …………………
When I do, OF COURSE, it will be a shift day.
Of course, shift day.
Nothing else would do.

The 3 year old had her birthday party yesterday. I had felt badly for two days before, vomiting every night and suffering from a headache. I assumed it was sinus related. Of course, those two days were shift days. Of course, those two days I also had to worry about getting everything party ready. Day of the party, the little one started with a runny nose. Then a cough. Now her little cheeks are all rosy and her face is one big crusty, snotty mess. I fought off a headache for much of the day, but otherwise felt find.

Until this morning.
I was viciously attacked during the night, or so it feels.

The big one is out of school, all week. That sounds like a blessing, only her attention span is that of a goldfish. Why I thought it was a good idea to go to town for new vaporizers, humidifier and medicines really makes no sense. I’m hurting that bad, I wasn’t thinking. Spring has been trying to pop it’s head in down here in the South too often and the pollen is horrendous! Even with the little one being on allergy meds daily, hasn’t stopped it or even slowed it down. The big one was my insurance to help with the little one while in town, I think it was more like the Mayhem commercials.


$150 in Wal-Mart later… because of course we needed eczema cream because it also flared up for the little one. I bought what I thought was a cool mist humidifier and a regular vaporizer. I also had no food at home for the week, and since the husband works 48s, I had to venture to Publix also.

By the time I got home, I really wanted to pull my hair out. I’m surprised that I didn’t literally bite one of the kid’s heads off in town. Unruly little snots.

I guess since he will not be home until Wednesday, I’ll be better by then. One can hope. If I say I don’t feel good, I really don’t. I’m not a big baby like the rest of my crew. Moms can’t just be sick. We have to be sick and still be mom, still be wife and still take care of things. Especially when your husband is on shift and can’t come home. Can’t isn’t a good word, if I were truly unable to manage being sick and take care of the kids, he would come home but there is no sense in coming home when I can just grit and work it through.

I’m not really even sure this makes sense. I feel hot. My mouth is super dry. Face and eyes are just ready to explode. My head is throbbing. I’d like to lay down but surely if I fall asleep, I’ll feel like death when I wake up.

Hopefully this passes quickly.
I hope this shift passes quickly.
Always expect the stuff to hit the fan on a shift day.