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It seems there is an overabundance of prepubescent hormones that are just gushing out of every pore of my 11 year old daughter.  Someone tell me we will all get out alive?


From the little bras and boy crushes that seem to be ever changing, to the sassy, mouthy, hateful little twit that needs to be smacked into next week………… TELL me I’ll survive this?

48’s with the man of the house, the better of us when it comes to discipline, working………..this monster that is trying to escape my oldest’s body daily might be too much. Single mom mode and this is not working out so well.  I can’t tell her to pick her shoes up, start homework or even bathe without a massive amount of huffing, stomping and back talk.  When did this happen?  Am I doing it wrong?!  Tell me I will survive this!

Maybe I should read this book.  That is what she is like.  A mad porcupine who is always right and I’m the enemy.  I’m really hoping we survive this.

I have a hard time enforcing punishments.  It’s so funny how easily a kid can manipulate you into feeling guilty.  I often feel like I am being too hard on her, until I remember how I was raised.  She has it easy.  The punishments that I do follow through with, don’t seem to faze her and I’m usually getting an earful of

I don’t care.
I want to be in my room anyway.
I don’t need tv.

It’s so hard when her father isn’t close enough to be of any help and it’s a free for all when she goes to his house.  My husband being gone so much, he misses a lot. It’s just me and I am failing.  One of us have to survive this.

Two weeks ago, I noticed something had happened.  Once I racked my brain and went on her word that she didn’t do it, I come to the conclusion she was lying.  It was the only logical explanation that she had done it.  I was 99.999% sure of it and I’m a bit ashamed at how I come about getting it out of her, but nonetheless she admitted it.  She fully admitted it and my  heart was broken.  I didn’t know if I can survive this!  I can’t wonder if she is lying to me every time I ask her a question.  Generally, I know when she is lying so when I believed her this time, I felt not only heartbroken, but stupid.  She fooled me, completely.  Even if it was only for a day.  I was so angry when I found out, I’m surprised I LET her survive this.

We did manage to come up with a punishment that hasn’t happened yet.  She will be missing a long await field trip with her gifted glass, since the action does involved the field trip… feels very suited.  She has already cried and i’m sure they will flow more come time for her to remain at school in a “regular” class with other children… while all of her classmates are gone to the field trip.  I almost feel bad.

I’m guessing that the only way to be sure of everything, is to invest in duct tape.  It covers mouth, feet stomping, clicking, clacking, beatboxing, I can tape her to the wall of her room.  Maybe force her to watch some Care Bears or something…………

I wish I had more help with her, but it isn’t more help, it is more resources.  More punishments that suit her.  More foothold when I want to put my foot down and not feel guilty that she has been dealt a crappy life when it comes to certain people who should be here,  but aren’t.  I don’t want her to be like them… but that is where it ends right?  This is just hard.  We will survive this, we have to.  I’m afraid of prison.