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My ultimate fear about my husband being a firefighter?

The shell of a man who may be left once the fire service has been given the best days of his health. The cancer ridden body that has been submerged in toxins and chemicals. The man with a bad back and knees. The one who has fallen victim to lack of healthy food options and physical activity that are an epidemic in some of our firehouses across America.  Not taking care of themselves, when they are taking care of others… That seems to be bad now, with guys too young being fat. Yes, I said that. There are some FAT firemen that need to be in shape. It should be required! That man. That is my ultimate fear, having a broken husband.
A bit selfish? Maybe, but I am ok with that.
It’s human.

This news story:4 Firefighters held hostage This is right this minute. Right now, late afternoon in Georgia on April 10th. Terrifying, right?

I could cry a river for these people. Their fire families, station family included. Can you imagine how terrifying? My stomach is in knots as I wait to hear the news. One was released, there were 5. We need some serious help in America with Mental Health.

Do I worry about this?
Maybe more so now than 5 years ago.
Who thinks that a firefighter will face anything danger out outside of something fire related? I did n’t. It never crossed my mind that it could happen. Isn’t that when it is the most devastating? When people build false securities around a danger job? ANYTHING can happen these days.

My ultimate fear, remains the same.
For now, I’ll continue to worry that the two days of coughing after a mask issue are going to be what really kills my husband in the end. I’ll try not to flinch every call I hear of where some lunatic has held a firefighter hostage, shot at them or set up some type of booby trap. I’ll stick with my more likely issue. I don’t want to waste energy fanning the flames of a fire my husband may never have to fight.

Sending my love, thoughts and prayers to Gwinnett County Georgia tonight. Be Fire Strong.