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Today is a shift day, or another description of what I would call today is shit day.
Murphy is a cop! I’d like to be in a room with Murphy and a fire hose.

Let’s go ahead and mark down four more 24’s my husband will be away, consecutively, after today. I hope some of them are just regular shifts and I’m not sitting in the twilight zone wondering what the hell is happening. If it can go wrong, it has today.

As if it’s not bad enough to be out of nearly all kitchen staples and some wants, there are only a few pull-ups in the landfill I call a truck and the wipes? In his truck, at work… and I NEEDED them. Badly.

The little one has:
gone #1 THREE times and #2 once, in big girl panties.
pulled my chest of drawers on top of her, including a lamp.
broken a glass.
kicked her sister.
made a mess, every time she ate.
had to eat every hour on the hour.
(-and we’re out of staples… and goodies at that)
soaked my bathmat with water.
give herself a hideous manicure with sissy’s nail polish she left out.
changed clothes a bazillion times.
cried a bazillion and one times.
gotten up at 7 am.
screamed at the cat for meowing.
tried to surf on the front porch pallet swing.
had no nap.
gotten several spankings.
asked why a bazillion and twenty times.
asked for SpongeBob all day and it hasn’t been on. Pinky promise.

The big kid and the big attitude I will not even touch.

I would like for bedtime to roll around because these kids are in turd mode today. Mommy needs a drink, but guess what? We’re out of that too!

I’ve made mistake after mistake today.
I’ve not been to the gym and I’m feeling it.
I’ve eaten like a poor college student on a ramen budget.
I’ve not accomplished my chores.

I decided to do the whole grocery list online at Publix.com via the ad. Once I was done I realized that the ad ends today. Really? 35 mins of coordinating the online ad with my grocery list… and it’s useless now.

I somehow skipped all food until I cooked supper. And drink. And the headache came.

The husband needed me to do things that would have been ten times easier for him to do.

The mortgage company called to update information and the nice lady had an accent almost too thick to understand.

I could go on but the more I list, the more I remember friends who are enduring such trying times right now.
My problems are trivial and tomorrow will be a new day, and these annoyances a memory. My friends? Fighting battles that have been going on for days, weeks or months. A friend is having a family battle unlike anything I can imagine. There are physical ailments. Desires to have a baby. A lady is remembering the 3rd anniversary of her son’s passing at 6 months old, by having people perform random acts of kindness, no matter how small, in honor of her son. I just heard on the news a neighboring county had an accident involving a school bus today, one student confirmed dead.

I should feel blessed that the troubles I face today, and alone for the next few shifts, are all the troubles we face. I should be glad that I have spoken to my husband today. I’ve been provided everything that I NEED.

My shit day would be a walk in the park for some people in my life. Granted, someone only knows the limits of what they can cope with on a daily basis based on their own struggles, but I’m going to take the time to say YES, I have had a rough day, but I am blessed beyond measure.