I thought being an awkward preteen in middle school held some pretty harsh days. I’ve never expected for adults to behave worse than those days. Where does a grown person find such juvenile actions?

Middle school was a bunch of silly days of being two people’s best friend. Two totally different people, who all but hated each other. Two people who never got along and the only thing they had in common, was me. Middle school can be so harsh.


It’s taken me 32 years to learn to try to love everyone, right where they are. 32 years to try to separate ill-formed opinions from accepting people, the way they are. 32 years to love myself, as I am, without apology. 32 years to come to the conclusion that everyone has good inside, some just hide it. 32 years to recognize that sometimes bad attitudes are defense mechanisms to keep someone from letting more hurt in. 32 years to try to be social and be a people person, like I want to be.

I wish maturity and clarity come with age. There are a wide range of people throughout my life, real life and here on the glorious world-wide web, that are lacking maturity and probably clarity. It really pains me to see adults behave like children.

I much prefer a face to face, or at least direct contact. As long as it is not confrontational, I am a peacemaker, not a fighter. I’ve never been a fighter. I want fact and then resolution, not petty fights filled with mud-slinging and playground consequences.

I love people, it took 32 years, but I love people.
I love people of all colors, races, religions, sexual orientations, sex, financial status, occupations, locations… you name it and as long as we aren’t talking about the truly bad human beings of this life, I love them all. I may not like everything, everyone does but not everyone likes everything I do.

You have to love people right where they are or remove yourself.
That is the only options as adults, well… the only options we should be choosing from. If you don’t like someone, remove them from your life. Simple. May not be so seemingly painless in the moment, but in the long run… perfect.

I hope you all find yourselves in good places in life. Reevaluate your life, make choices that fit you best and own your decisions, actions and words. Own them, they are your’s and your’s alone.


I do want to acknowledge that it is Memorial Day Weekend. God bless all the loved ones ever left behind by any of American’s Fallen Heroes. I send love and peace to them all. Thank God for those willing to bear the burdens of the world. Some gave all. ❤