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I’ve met some pretty amazing women in the fire community.
One I’ll quote here in a minute.
My fellow fire wives, no matter how long they’ve been involved with the fire service, have offered such great help in one way or another. Sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into the down side of loving a fireman….

…like the fact that my husband will miss every holiday, festival and community event from now until January 2nd, 2014. Working every single one of them. It’s the life, it sucks, it isn’t going to change by drowning in frustration.

We’re not going to any fireworks show.
We don’t get any of that BANG!
No boom. No oohs or ahhs..
It’s messy out, I’m expecting them to cancel anyway.
There are no parades here.
Crowds alone around here, not my thing.

I’m off to meet up with another fire wife today. Her husband is also working. We’re not going to venture out, maybe if the weather were better we would try but it’s quite nasty here. We’ll just throw some dogs on a George Foreman and do sparklers under the carport. The kids will enjoy themselves and I am sure we will too.

Just because my fireman is working this Fourth of July, doesn’t mean I have to sulk in it. It really is no one’s choice but mine how I act or feel about it. So here is to pulling on my big girl panties, and having some fun! I hope anyone in my shoes today does the same, you’re worth it!

Our firefighters are amazing, but so are we. Never forget that! For those of you like me who are holding down the fort this 4th of July, you got this. You are amazing!

-Too Hot to Handle, Facebook

Thank you to our troops overseas.
Our everyday service members.
Our hometown public servants.
Those who keep us free and safe.
Those who gave us their all.
Happy Fourth of July, America.
I love you.