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I’ve had a lot to say and a lot of time to say it this week.
Today, I’m just exhausted for all of you in the service.
So much hurt this year. So many tears and it’s only half over.
Prescott is just still so fresh, I’m still crying for them.
Today I read there has been another hit.
Yet another LODD. Struck by a vehicle on a ramp, cause unknown as of yet.

Can we stop at 67?
I think that is our Fire LODD total for the year so far?
Correct me if I’m wrong.
Enough. We’ve had enough.

Yet, they continue to serve as usual.

I came across this story this morning about Firefighters target of fireworks fiasco. What kind of idiot does that? Yes, I said idiot because that is beyond ridiculous. I can not for the life of me comprehend it.

Luckily I read there were no injuries reported.
Damn it, who does that?
I won’t get into what punishment I think would be fit.
Punishment isn’t my train of thought.
Isn’t the job life threatening enough without some idiotic act of launching fireworks in the direction of public safety on scene of a fire? Isn’t there enough dangers breathing down their necks? Isn’t there enough chances of injury or death already? Enough.

There are a lot of things that make me wonder, isn’t the job dangerous enough already?!
A few of them are…..
excessive drinking
not rehydrating
heavy weights
lack of exercise
horrible diets
sleep issues
back, neck and knee injury prevention
improper (or lack of) scba usage
not avoiding carcinogens
avoiding medical issues
avoiding mental issues
a department avoiding all of these issues

I’m a nagger some days. I try to make sure my husband understands that I am here to be on his toes for the long haul about eating decently, working out, taking care of himself mind, body and soul…. I worry about enough possible danger as is. I want to make sure that I get to have him enough!

Take care of yourselves guys and gals!
You’re already at risk of enough.