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Today the 19 Prescott Firefighters are memorialized.
I’m skipping the live stream, it is just me and the kids today. There is no privacy, no time, no way to help them understand… besides, I feel like I have indulged myself into the lives of these people far too much as is. I’ve honored and respect them myself, I’ll continue to pray for the families. I’ve prayed over these families and children. Cried tears for them. I’ve wished I could take it away, but I can’t. Instead, I will mourn beside them, from across the country and be proud to be a part of the fire family and the outpouring I have seen.  I ended up turning it on.  I can’t not at least attempt…………

The truth is, we take so much for granted.
It’s human and it’s ok as long as we remember that nothing is a guaranteed to us. Not the next day, hour or minute. I find myself wondering sometimes why I am so annoyed by the little things that I would likely take back in the event they didn’t happen anymore. It annoys the living hell out of me for my firefighter to come home and dump his pockets out in the bathroom. For him to dump his laundry down in the bedroom. For him to empty his food bag out on the kitchen counter. For all of these things, it will be my job to clean up behind him. It annoys me and I do, on occasion, complain about it. Some days I all out through a tantrum over it. Today… I feel thankful that only yesterday he was here, making a mess. I bet these 19 families wish they had a firefighter coming home to make a mess.


If my husband’s things are lying around, that means he is home.
He is home with me.
With our children.
He is well.
He is safe.
He is alive.

He is home and I never want to be blind to the fact that he could not be.