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Breathe, slowly.

Another LODD a few days ago.
I’ve not brought myself to search for any of the info. It hasn’t been widely talked about, I don’t know details. I just know that another one didn’t go home. I read that breaking news from my phone, via Facebook, while I was waiting for a movie to start. By the end of the movie I had thought about it way too much. I was with my husband and I had barely made it to our truck before I lost it. One is too many, we’ve reached over 60 Line of Duty Deaths this year and it’s only half way through the year. I lost it. He was reassuring, of course, saying all the things they want us to THINK… but I was way more realistic with my thoughts. I felt better once I let all of that out, but still the sadness lingers. This year has been enough. God place your hand on our public safety.

I read a blog that I want to share.
It’s hard to read. I did cry but I’m a crier.
It is something that would be very helpful for anyone who loves a firefighter. Even if you aren’t married. Even if you’re his/her parents, best friend, siblings… anyone who may find themselves in “charge” should that firefighter ever become one more that doesn’t come home. I’ve thought about it a few times only, that Ladder 49 scene where the red car pulls up and she instantly knows. I’ve been there in my head but what happens after is just a blur, I’d be at such a huge loss if anything every happens to my husband. He is not only my best friend and favorite person on the face of the Earth, but he fills in so many holes that others leave. I’d not have it in me to figure all of it out then. Prepare. Relax. This blog post is greatly beneficial for getting prepared for such a tragedy.

I’m not saying it is going to happen. I want you to believe that it won’t, but don’t be blind to the dangers. I also want you to know that it is possible, it is always possible. You be prepared for the worst case, get business in order and then tuck it away until you need it. If things change, revise them, then tuck it back away. Don’t dwell on the possibilities, just brace yourself and enjoy your firefighters, every chance you get.

LODD preparation for a Firefighter Wife over at FirefighterWife.com was written by someone I love and respect. I can only imagine how hard it was to compile all of this information as I get ready to follow her lead and advice.

So much great information there.
So much other great information at that same site for strengthening your marriage/relationships, depression, PTSD, keeping that spark….. there’s more. Great resource for any woman who loves a firefighter. Check it out. Share it. Feed those who need it.

I’m off to a great Sunday with my fireman, who just got home.
I hope you all do the same.