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Have you ever thought about the way you greet your spouse when they come home from work, or from anywhere for that matter? Have you ever thought about how you leave each other? Do you have a ritual? Do you always do and say the same thing? Do you feel out of whack if you don’t get to?

My husband tells me goodbye every time he leaves the house for shift. I’m usually awake because his alarm wakes me, but I’m still in bed. He always, without fail, comes and sits on my side of the bed and hugs me, kisses me, tells me he loves me and bye. Every shift. Any other time a kiss and be back shortly is how we leave each other. When he comes home from shift, I’m always happy to see him. More so lately, but always. He came home. I usually hug him and ask how his night was. I never want this to end. 20 years from now, I want us to behave and treat each other this very same way.

As he was telling me bye this morning, I knew I was going to go back to sleep once he left. I was tired and it was only 6:15am. The thought popped in my head how many women would complain about their husband’s waking them up to say good-bye. I’ve heard it before. I’m not saying I’m thrilled about always waking up that early but I’d rather wake up and get once last hug in before he left than wish I had later on that day. It reminds me that he loves me, dearly. It gives me something good to hold onto for the next 48 hours. I always want this.

I hope you all greet and leave your spouses with love. Hugs. Kisses. Sometimes long hugs and kisses for those extra long stays. Words of care and love. I could never yell across the house BYE as I walk out of the door. 48 hours away at the time deserves more than that. 24 hours away deserves more than that. Just running up the road for 5 minutes, to me, deserves more than that.

It’s something small that makes life feel big.