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I drink from the saucer because my cup overflows.

Never could I ever have imagined or prepared myself for the event I went to this week/weekend. The best part about the human heart, is that there is ALWAYS a little more love for each new person you meet. There is never a time that you say… oh no, empty?! There is always just more and more.

So many new faces. HUGS, I like hugs. Tears. New friends in REAL LIFE, not on some stinking computer screen.

As soon as we have photos and things going, I’ll be sure to post a recap of this event, for the wives (finances and girlfriends) of firefighters…

FirefighterWife.com’s Flame Fest 2013/Atlanta, Georgia was so fresh, educational, LIFE CHANGING, exciting and dang near perfect. My cup really does run over and I want yours to run over too!

The only bad thing I can say about any of it, is that I miss everyone, deeply. I HAVE to find a way to see these women more often and I pray that every year more and more women get to experience Flame Fest, no matter where it is being held. No matter if it is really in person or if we finally get even greater things going and have it streamed LIVE for the online community.

My cup just runs over.
I don’t mind drinking from the saucer.
Knowing people online for a year, then meeting them in person, didn’t change the way I felt about any of them. It just intensified it, greatly. I feel truly blessed to have met even our speakers, who were not firefighters or their wives, great stories were shared and I believe there were forces put in place that are going to thrive and ripple out into the WORLD. FirefighterWife.com is going to reach out and set marriages on FIRE in the hearts of the fire service. We are going to ignite them, encourage them and rescue them… It’s as easy as just believing it can be done.

The cup of FirefighterWife.com will continue to pour over the sides. If your husband, boyfriend or future husband is a firefighter, you are welcome to come drink from that saucer. See you at Flame Fest 2014??

Enough for now, I’m not ready to cry this early in the morning.
I just want to sit and enjoy.