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24 more hours to go.

I haven’t seen him since 4pm Thursday.
There was a two-hour shift to cover for a co-worker while he attended something important, then someone else asked him to cover the rest of their shift after that… I was so expecting him to come home.  The kids were expecting him to come home.  He didn’t take any of his work stuff for his regular 48 that started the next morning.  He was expecting to come home.

Why do any of us ever expect something to go normal?

It’s funny.  He called me and said he would need me to bring him his stuff the next morning… which was fine, I had to go to town anyway.

48.  Plus 12.  Plus 2.
62 hours.

Maybe that doesn’t sound so bad to people who don’t have kids.  Or don’t know what it’s like.  Or don’t even know the fire service.  62 is not my idea of fun.  48 is what I am use to and 48 is what I’ve come to handle.  62, wasn’t so bad THIS time… but with being Mommy, Daddy, Lady of the house AND MAN of the house (and everything in between), it can get a little rough sometimes.

Luckily this hasn’t been bad.
I miss him though.
I also miss that Snickers bar he was supposed to bring me home from that little 2 hour fill in 🙂

You have to be so adaptable for this life.
Go with the flow ladies.
I’m not saying jump for joy, just don’t let it eat at you.

24 more hours and he’ll be home.

Are you go with the flow, or rage against it?