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Do you know what Flame Fest is?
If you’re involved in the fire service, you should find out if you don’t.

So, I love FirefighterWife.com and The Facebook Page for FirefighterWife.com. That’s no secret. Last month they had their 1st Annual National Fire Wife meet and I went! Women who were able to, joined us all in Atlanta, Ga. Most of us were meeting for the first time. I personally went never having met one single lady, yet as soon as I saw their faces and connected them with Facebook or the FirefighterWife.com community forum, I knew that I DID know them and I did hug them! This will not do it justice and it’s just a recap. SO many photos that there is no way for me to share them all but you can see them HERE.

We had a series of speakers over the day and a half we spent together. We laughed. Cried. Stood up and danced. In no particular order, here are a few of our speakers…  Hal Runkel from ScreamFree Marriage.  He has a lot to say and a lot of advice about the way we treat our spouses based on how we react.  The Dating Divas had such great (AND FUN) ideas about marriage and dating your husband! 1st Responder Treatment had a wonderful (but sad) story about how and why be began 1st Responder Treatment.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up.   Marla Taviano was so sweet and such a lady with a pure heart.  Her story, advice and sense of humor just drew me in. Her husband, Gabe, done photography and videography for the event. Visit her blog and learn about her books and services she offers. MarlaTaviano.com. Not pictured but we also hear from The Firefighter Cancer Foundation, Cindy Ell, she give us all the dirt on the nasty chemicals our men are working in and what they are bringing home! For more info, please visit the speakers sites.


We had such a great time and the men that came along did too.

The men at the shooting range.

The men at the shooting range.

The women all mingled and I have never been so happy to be in a room full of women before in my life. Everyone was so great and the sessions were so much fun. The after hours pool lounging was awesome. There were what seemed like a hundred door prizes from awesome businesses that donated them! I love these women and feel so blessed to know them.

Dubbed as "The Originals"

Dubbed as “The Originals”



The Savannah, Georgia Pink Heals truck came. It was emotional. Especially as I watched my husband write tribute to his family and his mother. PinkHealsSavannah was great and was definitely a group favorite.



We also paid tribute to all of the Fire LODDs this year.
This year alone, 71.
We had 71 luminaries and there was a surprise guest to come in…
Talk about tears. Deep inside your soul, you feel each sound.

Finally… The woman behind it all and her husband who is awesome enough that he supports her and probably often tries to overlook her face being glued to a phone or computer screen. Thank you BOTH SO MUCH!

THE Firefighter Wife from FirefighterWife.com

THE Firefighter Wife from FirefighterWife.com

I miss them all but I’m excited to know I’ll have my chance to mingle with them again next year!

There is no way I could explain besides we’re all one huge family.
Do YOU need to feel this connection with other women who loves a fireman?
Find us all at FirefighterWife.com