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I don’t personally know many firefighters outside of hanging around the firehouse every now and then, so I’m not sure if it is a fireman thing or just a MY fireman thing.

We went camping over the weekend.
I over packed.
He over prepared.
That’s how we do things.

He had a day pack that had virtually any type of medical items you may need short of performing surgery. Knives. Saws. MREs. Ropes. Collapsible cooking stuff. Matches. Lighters. Please… name it and I bet we had it, or something close.

I over packed clothes. Blankets… (It’s August… in Georgia…. come on!) Food. Snacks… Everything but water, I could have brought more water. It was a scorcher!

Funny thing? This wasn’t primitive camping, we were at a state park, in the campground, with other people. We were the only freaks in a tent though, everyone else was in the big luxury motor homes or large campers. Mostly older folks. We didn’t really need all of the things we brought.

On top of that, my experienced Firefighter burned his hand not once, but twice. I won’t go into details, he is fine but he felt like a real goofball when he yelled FIRE… just like in the movies. Dang plungers in the Coleman stove are going out… otherwise he’d been safe all weekend.

Our trip was hot but fun. A small 1.5 mile hike… of course we ended up carrying the little one. We saw lots of creepy bugs and a spider that could probably pass for a small dog. I was disappointed we didn’t see any gators, being THAT close to the Okefenokee. We had fire. We fished. Made smores. We had cowboy coffee. Cooked breakfast and supper each day. Took a break from the heat and drove to town for a DQ cold treat! Yeah, it’s hard to go true camping with kids who are so used to having the luxury of air conditioning and SpongeBob. Overall it was a good trip. I think two nights is the limit for the kids.

As much as I rag my husband about over preparing (and there was a whole zombie apocalypse speech during our trip), I’m just as bad. Two over thinkers, sharing a lifetime… man. Are all firemen over preparing, better safe than sorry type people?