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No, I haven’t lost my mind and gone on some sort of freak number fetish, although I am obsessing over these numbers a little. That still sounds crazy but when it comes to the fire department, are any of us sane?!

5 – 24hr shifts, back to back.
That can be translated into
120 hours or 7,200 minutes or 432,000 seconds.
24 off (The word off is deceptive!!!)
48 on
and back to the 48/24 grind.

I hate these times but this time, I’m only 7 ½ hours in and I’m about to turn inside out already. I’ve got those crazy eyes starting to bug out of my head, already! My husband’s truck had to be put into the shop, leaving mine to be overtaken. Perfect timing to fall in line with this stretch. I will see my husband ONE day out of the next EIGHT.

Looks like I need to start a love letter before I let all of the negative slowly sink in over the next five days.


That’s one day with him.
One day that happens to be speech therapy day, so there steals a few hours. There are two massive branches laying under the biggest tree in our yard that need to be cut up and moved… there goes a big chunk of the day. Science Fair project on The Fire Triangle will take more of that time away. I’ll be lucky if I get to have a decent conversation with him. With the only adult I’ll see for those same eight days.
I’ll get one night out of the next eight.

One night to lay with my husband. One night to share any form of intimacy with the person I chose to spend my life with. One night to fall asleep with him in the same bed.

I know some fire wives go way longer without seeing their husbands, but that is expected when they are wildland or contracted. I’m SO ready for us to be able to go back to the 24/48!