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I’ve been up all night.
I’m not a people person today.
I’m mad. I’m tired. I’m cranky.
I’m exhausted. I’m sad.
I’m a lot of things..
except defeated.

Day 3 of 5 straight 24s. Husband has my truck, his is in the shop. I’ve had to call in a favor, which I hate doing because I’m generally a take care of myself kind of girl. I might wear down but I won’t stop.

My baby girl is sick. She’s ran 102 fever all night. Lost her voice. Coughing like a dog barks. I let her sleep with me last night so that I could be close. She slept some, I slept little. We’re off to the dr as soon as family gets here to give us a lift.

She hasn’t been to the doctor since her 3 year check up several months ago. She just hasn’t needed to. I don’t generally run off to the doctor, because sometimes things work themselves out. This time, I don’t think that will happen.

I hope that we can both lay down when we get back.
I wish I had someone to come over, just to sit a few hours.
I’m glad that I’m use to doing everything on my own.