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I think I am either brain dead or this stretch hasn’t been as bad as I thought. Maybe my strong kicked in. Whatever the case, despite everything that isn’t going right, we’re doing pretty good. I’m quite proud of that too.

The little one is still running fever and struggling to breath. The last dose of Advil I tried to give her caused her to throw up. She just doesn’t want to take anymore medicine. I hate making her. Time to invest in some Tylenol suppositories for these types of times!

We’re on day 4 out of 5, and I haven’t been that crazy mom since night one. I’ve somewhat been able to stay calm, even with the no sleep for a few nights. We’re just stumbling happily through the weekend with ABCFamily’s Harry Potter marathon. Who doesn’t love magic?

I try to keep the firefighter OUT of the loop, for now. When he gets home he can know all the sad little details of his mini-me being sick. I don’t want him to be working and worrying about us here. “I got this!” is what I say… even when I feel like I might not totally have it. I might be dragging across that finish line of the last few hours of a shift, but I always make it.

I think we’re all a little stronger than we’d ever give ourselves credit for. That’s a disservice to ourselves, we really should take more credit for our times of strength. Do you give yourself enough credit?