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Today is a day full of various emotions.

On the day of September 11th, 2001, I didn’t know a single firefighter. I hadn’t met my now husband. I had no ties to the fire department. I was just a regular civilian like most of America. I didn’t know anyone with NYPD, the EMS, any of the first responders, dispatchers, not one single doctor or nurse, no one who worked in the towers…No one on a plane, no one in the Pentagon… not one single person in New York. I don’t know anyone who has passed or are currently fighting post 9/11 illnesses. I do not personally know anyone serving their Country in this war on Terror, nor anyone who has been KIA in the process. I was just a 20 year old girl, watching the lives of countless people be ripped apart in one act of hate.

I still cry. I still feel a deep loss, regardless. I still feel that I will forever mourn along side of everyone directly impacted, and the rest of America. I will never forget what was taken, or what was given that day. Join others with FirefighterWife.com in this day of service to remember and honor.

Today, I’m married to a firefighter and love a great many of them as family. My husband is also an EMT. My brother-in-law works for Homeland Security as a Federal Police Officer. I have met people who that day impacted directly. The way I see it today is so differently than 12 years ago.

It’s heartbreaking all the same, but it stings a little more knowing that I know people who would dive in and try to help as much as possible. That same sting makes my heart swell knowing that I can fully place faith in humanity because there are people who are willing to sacrifice. For every hate filled heart, there is a person willing to give their lives up to save someone else. For every act of terror, there is someone willing to help a total stranger out of harms way. For every threat, there is someone willing to serve and protect.

I do not watch the 9/11 specials. I do not need a reminder, but it is ok if you do. This is how I want to process this. I don’t want to rehash the hate, I want to focus on the love. I want to focus on remembering heroes, all of them. I want to focus on celebrating the lives. I want to focus on loving people.

At the end of the day, hate might live on and it might shake us all…. but it will never bring us down. You can not destroy the goodness of the world, it will forever beam through people. There will always be people who do good. People who bring more to the table. Others who inspire us to do one nice thing for someone. A child who loves so unconditionally. An elder who has seen the power of love is so much stronger than hatred could ever be. You can kill people, you can rip their lives away from them, you can steal their futures, you can destroy buildings, you can plan a million attacks but you can never take away the love that will continue to multiply. You cannot stop it from spreading during times of tragedy. You will never rip the memories of the very deepest sacrifices of people that day and this day.

Love wins.
Let love win.