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I hate days like this the most.
It isn’t a shift day, he is home…

asleep. In his recliner. Right were we all have to be quiet. The front door can’t open and close a million times, like it does when you have kids. Speaking of kids, they can’t be loud, which is hard… they are kids.

Days like this just suck, for a lack of better words. < 24 hours every third day is already not enough, without days like this. We only get every third day, when you account for life, we only get a few hours before he is gone again for over 48. Sigh. It is a lonely life sometimes. He just doesn't feel good, it isn't his fault and I am by no means upset with him. It's just one of those days that happen ever so often.

Sometimes people say, "Who else would know what this is like?". Well, actually, a lot of people. Even people outside of the fire service, or public service for that matter. When I first met my husband he was working for our State Department of Transportation. He was gone anywhere from Sunday afternoon until Thursday night. I got short phone calls. Sometimes no cell service, only hotel land lines that were too expensive to use due to being "long distance". My friend's husband works out of town, Monday through Friday, every week. He does get holidays off though. I suppose long haul trucker wives feel this way too. I think the difference is that most firefighters, LEOs and medical professionals are never "OFF".

I'm serious. Just because they aren't clocked in anywhere, doesn't mean that their brains aren't always thinking about work related things. What in real life surrounding them at any given moment is or could be work related. Fire extinguishers, emergency exits and possible problems. They are literally never off. You can't turn that off. It's hardwired.

Maybe that's why he is so tired.
He's just worn out and feeling bad today.
I hate days like this. Have I said that?
Days like this suck.

Good news is, I'm so looking forward to Wednesday. Finally, a kid free date. It's been a couple of months since our last kid free time. I just really, really hope that Wednesday isn't a day like this. Do you know days like this?