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Every now and then you come across a person who obviously has a well of knowledge because it seems like there isn’t a thing in the world that they don’t know. Only, they don’t really know all that much.

I’m pretty annoyed with a comment I read. It probably struck a nerve because my husband works two departments and when he comes home acting certain ways, I know it is because of job duties and nothing less. It was a stranger, suggesting that firefighters are tired and grumpy coming off shift because they stayed up too late watching movies or playing video games.

I’m used to people who have no clue what public safety actually does saying comments like that, but it doesn’t annoy me any less when I hear it. My husband doesn’t come home so tired he needs to go to bed or is grumpy too often. When he does, it has nothing to do with movies or video games. It’s because while his 1st department isn’t combined with EMS, they are paged out to med calls. It’s because his 2nd department isn’t combined with EMS either, but they run on the same radio channel… meaning all tones dropping come over the same channel. It’s because when he does run EMS, the 3 am tooth aches and drug addict calls come during the most important part of sleep. It’s because people lost in the middle of the night beating on the station door to ask for directions instead of reading a map. Maybe he is grumpy because of firehouse politics, the 2 week old preemie that died or because the heads over certain departments are clueless.

Not once has he ever said to me “I stayed up too late watching movies/playing games.”. Not once. This may be true for a few select firefighters in the profession, but most of them want the sleep because they don’t know when the tones will drop next.

Do you make educated comments?
I wish more people practiced thinking before speaking.