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I’ve already seen several 60s and even another 120 since my last long stretch. I’m still tired and still busy. October is a super busy month! I’m trying to embrace it because Fall is my favorite season, and I don’t want to spend all of my time sitting in front of this screen.

During all of this time working, my husband misses a lot. The fire department sometimes makes it seem like they’re robbing us of those things most people take for granted on an every day basis. Like good night kisses with the kids. Helping for days on end with Science Fair projects. Even, appointments for speech therapy.

My youngest turned 3 in February and goes every Monday for speech therapy. Her vocabulary has grown SO much, it makes me giggle with new words and phrases. Even the “Sissy, I kick butt!” or “Mama… I see you boobie!!!”. I’ll take almost any word or phrase I can get because each new one just makes me happy. I KNOW she is saying more than I can understand, she is a smart little turkey, but the words just aren’t forming just yet.

She was singing, usually this involves a few sounds, repeated over and over. Something like… ew ee oh or be bo be. A few days ago, it was pink-shoe-heart, pink-shoe-heart, pink-shoe-heart. That might sound odd, only she was wearing pink princess shoes, that had a heart on them.

He misses so much, including the new stuff.

She’s also become obsessed with “Sombies”. She likes to “soot sombies” like “boom boom boom!”. She got her fondness of zombies honestly, my husband and I both love the Walking Dead and she is not freaked out by it one bit! (Yes…….. save your lessons on raising kids because if you don’t have any SHUTUP 🙂 and if you do, I’m sure you’re not perfectly parenting your kids either) *retracts claws* I’ve not slept much, hence the grumpies. Back to the undead. Of course, I tell her they aren’t real and all that good stuff… but she loves it. Talks about it and even pretends to be a flesh eating demon. She uses words and if sombies gets her talking more, sombies we will be!

I wish he didn’t have to miss so much.
I wish we didn’t have to miss him so much.