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The Holiday Season is reaching us. I love the whole rest of this year. I love the colors. The leaves falling. The weather. The food. The family. The lights. The trees.

There isn’t really anything that I do not like about the rest of this year. With on exception. My fireman will be working every holiday from now until next year. By every, I mean Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve…………………..

We’re a blended family, so my oldest will be with her father this Thanksgiving and Christmas. My husband’s family is scattered all over the place, his uncle will work around our schedule for holidays. My family… are mostly understanding to our schedule. I’m ok with him working the holidays, I’m just trying to figure out when to make the holiday our own with our little family. Between him working and the oldest leaving… I have to find a time we can all celebrate, TOGETHER.

I see girlfriends and wives of firefighters that get thoroughly upset about the holidays. I wish I knew the magic words to say to solve all fire wife problems, because most of the time this is no slice of pie, but I don’t. I have plenty of words but the trick is, the magic comes from within yourselves.

I’m a proud wife. I love my fireman. He risks, gives and supports. His commitment is to the citizens, his brothers/sisters and us… his family. It can be rewarding but it can also be tough. Last week between Monday and Sunday, my husband was home for two days. He worked every other 24 hours. Last week was hard, now we have this week with two days off and then a week long class the next week. I’m bracing now. That is going to be a lonely week… but I will make it work, even if I cry through it.

This life is tough.
We miss out on a lot.
He misses out on a lot.
Holidays can be sore spots but don’t let them ruin the entire holiday. Create new traditions for your family. If going to the station is an option, DO IT! If having celebrations the day before, the day after or like my fireman’s family……. have Christmas on New Year’s Day if that is what fits everyone’s schedule. Don’t give up on having holidays just because you can’t do it ON THE DAY.

Being a fire wife is tough, you have to be tougher.