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Sometimes my husband does something that completely throws me off guard. It isn’t often that I am blindsided, but when I am… I am.

During a recent discuss about firehouse happenings, he brought something up that knocked my socks off. 1, because it meant he not only listened to what I was saying, but he really heard me. He not only heard me, he acted. I feel like anyone who doesn’t work public safety shift work wouldn’t understand. They do every day things with their coworkers. They eat together. They go to the grocery together. They clean together. Work together. They play together. They watch tv together. They live together for that 24 hours. That is probably the hardest part for me. They get things that I don’t. They do things I want to do at home and then I get things like; “I ate that yesterday.”, “We done this the other day.” or my favorite…… “I’ve already seen that at work.”. UGH. Work should stop stealing my fun! (Don’t expect some smiley or a LOL here… I’m serious! THIS could be my most hated part of the fire service!)

During our conversation, he mentioned that when they watch newer movies that he knows I would want to watch, he leaves the room. Does chores. Does reports. Anything but watch the movie. ALL because he will watch them with me, at home. I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Did he REALLY just say that?! Then he says, “Like Iron Man 3.”. Yes. We just watched that a few weeks ago.

I don’t know about you, but that really let me know that he listens, he hears and he cares enough to attempt to save something for us at home. We miss out on a lot. He misses out on a lot. This just makes it a little better.