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Thanksgiving has been cancelled, pass that along!

Sometimes my family doesn’t understand the scheduling conflicts of the fire department. Just because there is a holiday, doesn’t mean the emergencies (or the bull-crap calls 😉 ) stop. I think it is fair to say that here, for the most part, holidays are a little quieter than average days but nonetheless, the entire world doesn’t shut down. Firemen, among other occupations, still have to work.

This year most of my family is working, hunting or not capable of doing anything special. Those who are have either planned their own little intimate gatherings or are complaining about “family not being what it use to be”.

Well, I don’t know about the rest of the world but for me, a holiday doesn’t make or break family. 98% of them do not call, text, email or visit me… unless they want or need. That alone speaks volumes. Why does a holiday make a bigger impact?

Those complaining haven’t ONCE offered any type of solution. No one has tried to take charge and say I’ll do a Thanksgiving, who is coming and what would you like to bring? Nope. They just want to complain and be a victim. BE THANKFUL. Plan it yourself. Find the THANKS in Thanksgiving.

This year my oldest will be away and my husband will be working. It will be me and my 3 year old. We’ll likely sleep in (that means until 7:30am-ish) and then lounge around for much of the morning and then go to the Fire Dept and cook dinner with my fireman. He’ll be working a one man station on Thanksgiving, so he will be all alone too.

When the fire service became a part of my life, I quickly realized that a day marked on the calendar has nothing to do with the day we have to celebrate. You have to move things around. Plan ahead. Have early holidays, late holidays or sometimes…… skip holidays. It just happens like that and I’m not going let that ruin anything for myself.

If you are in a fire family or someone in your family is part of a fire family, cut them some slack. It isn’t like they want to work on holidays, missing things.

What are YOUR Thanksgiving plans?