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Sometimes I wish just 24 hours could go by and I could forget the world of public safety exists. No radio. No call talk. No classes. Not one single thing related to a fire truck or ambulance. No “that wouldn’t really happen because fire behavior……… bla bla blabla bla”. Not even the phone ringing with a co-worker wanting something work related. NOTHING. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

If you’re one of the few who have a fireman who actually go to work and leave it all at the station when off duty, trust me, you are one in the very FEW. I’ve never personally met anyone would could leave it all behind; there is usually something they take with them.

I only get every third day, so when someone calls wanting my third day (or a portion of it) I hate it. I hate that I have to be interrupted by a phone call about work. I hate that classes usually occupy all of the day hours and the night hours because it requires a large portion of information to be learned in a short time. I hate that I can never forget that we are a fire family and sometimes I just want to be normal…

I’m trying hard right now to not let this A) Suck the Christmas Spirit out of me B) Let me be angry with my husband or C) feel like that just because ONE day I am annoyed with the Fire Life, that every day is bad. Because it isn’t.

Do you ever have days that you feel like you hate the fire service? Don’t let those few days trick you into think it’s a bad life. It gets better but there will always be days that I hate.