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Horrible news on the home front.  Long, half-informed story short… a friend’s grandson somehow shot himself and the outlook is grim.  My heart is breaking and it doesn’t even feel real.  I’m wishing for a miracle but I’m realistic to know that unless it’s Divine Intervention, the light of the future just went dim.

Aside from my obvious heartbreak for the family and friends, the people who took the call need to be loved on too.  I can’t imagine.  I’m not cut out for this line of work, which is why I am not in that field.  Luckily, my husband wasn’t working but my heart goes out to those that were.

These calls when children are involved can be tough on our first responders.  Especially when and if they know the patient.  If you are in public safety (or are immediate family of) and you’re reading this, THIS IS FOR YOU.  If you ever feel like you need help coping, if you don’t feel like you can be open with your co-workers or you just want to call someone who will understand, please contact 1st Responder Treatment.  Share this with anyone who it could help, no or in the future.

Help is one free phone call away. 24/7 specifically for 1st responders and their families. Call 877-974-0262

There is no shame.
No embarrassment.
No hassle.
Just call.