Man. Really? Three months since I last posted?? Seems like last month.

Time is really flying for me. I have mixed feelings about this as I am coming up on 33 soon, I will have a true teenager in June and my youngest starts Pre-K in July. Time is flying and while I like not feeling like I’m stuck in the never ending days of being a fire wife, it’s going too fast!

A teenager?  I with I had a dollar for every gray hair I have.  Seriously, no April Foolin’ around here.   I hope we both survive.  This phase of life was not made for me, nor me for it!

Sending my last baby off to school is breaking my heart.  I asked her to stay little forever but all that got me was a headbutt and told “NO, I WANT BIG LIKE SISSY!”.  Ugh.  Why do they grow out of the cute little stage so quickly?

I’ve been working like mad and I cannot be happier about it. I recently wrote a post for that shocked even me as I read it. It was kind of one of those things that just poured out in a matter of minutes and was all too familiar to some readers. It started with an early morning call for the FF. Now, this was an issue that was settled by day’s end but when you throw in things like lack of sleep, anxiety and running med calls as a firefighter with no medical equipment, I can totally see what threw my husband for a loop. Sometimes when that small shadow of a doubt sneaks in, you question yourself. All of the above makes that shadow seem a lot larger than it is. I am happy to report he is working on his anxiety issues but the moral of my story is, firefighters should never need be embarrassed or shamed for seeking help, ever. EVER. I always make sure I have the time to listen anytime he needs to talk, even when I really don’t want to. You can find that post HERE.  It kind of feels like my most important work, ever.  If it reached just one person in the way I intended it to, then it is one of my biggest accomplishments.  That I have plenty of time for!

We’re hoping to start working on our house built in 1920 soon. That’s been a long time coming! Another thing time has slipped up on. Man, we’ve lived here THIS long? We’re behind but I’m hoping we find time to catch up soon.

So many things going on this year.  So many things to look forward to.
I’m remembering to slow down though.  Enjoy the life.  Spring is here and it’s great down in South Georgia.  Yard word and kids playing outside.  Flowers blooming.  Birds singing.  I wish I could take a picture of the way it feels to hear birds singing in the Spring.  I know, that sounds weird but that is one of my favorite sounds.

Here’s to hoping it won’t take another 3 months to be Fully Involved.