The skies are darkening and the thunder is rolling.

A massive storm is just ripping through the South/East portion of the United States.  Dozens dead.  Thousands without homes.  Millions of tears I am sure.

I’ve gotten myself and the little fully dressed and the closet padded so it’ll be comfy if I get that call from my Firefighter, who is of course… working, that we need to take shelter.  At least if he can’t be home he can try to alert me if possible.  Still, that doesn’t leave a lot of room to feel comfortable.

The destruction is hard to look at.
I wonder how many expected it vs how many thought, “It won’t be us.”.  I don’t ever want to be one of those people.

We don’t get storms that are as violent as west of us.  Downed trees, flooding and power outages are far more common than tornadoes here but I still do not let myself think we aren’t subject to such destruction.

In my little closet I have a bag with my wallet, socks, undies and an extra set of clothes for me and my girls.  I have water in the freezer, food that doesn’t REALLY require cooking and I suppose we’re going to all sleep in the same room tonight!  I always say I’m not afraid of weather but I think I have a healthy acknowledge of it.

I sit here and worry more about my firefighter working in this.
All of them having to work in this.
People not staying home, when they have no where to be.
I just want everyone to be safe, so I can not worry.
Just be safe!