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Isn’t that how it works?

Boys don’t cry and if you’re a girl in the firehouse, you might fall under that too. I say we can call cry sometimes. We’re all human, why is there such stigma with male emotion?!

We have firefighters killing themselves over things they shove deep down and don’t share out of fear or even worse, lack of resources.  We have firefighters abusing those who they love the most because they are fighting a battle that never ends in their heads.  We have firefighters abusing various substances to try to escape the things they’ve lived. It’s rampant in the public safety world, but it doesn’t have to be.

We can stop this.

I wrote THIS earlier this year. Even the most manly, experienced, educated man can have those moments where things bring you down. Who knows why. Who knows if it’s the past seeping in with a new call, death sucks and it’s hard to see all the freaking time or maybe it takes one small shadow of self-doubt to sneak in to cause problems.

THIS LIST is a few resources for people and their loved ones who are suffering from PTSD, mental or emotional distress and even substance abuse.

Our helpers who give so much of themselves should not be burdened by having to conceal all of the tragedy. They should not be forced to let their demons consume them. They give so much, they should be given so much.

This year at the FirefighterWife.com annual premier event, Flame Fest 2014, we’ll have Jeff Dill from the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance as a speaker. This is serious stuff. We can prevent this by being open. Being honest. Being supportive. Being accepting. Being KIND to our own. Hello?! There is no need in being strong all the time, let everyone have their weak moments because that is important in preventing them from becoming engulfed in the pain.  Below is a video.  It is about 12 minutes long but hits this nail on the head.

Boys do cry.
Men cry.
Women cry.

I don’t know what to think about a person who lives this life day in and day out who doesn’t cry from time to time. Let it out. Let others speak to you. Help share the burdens. Help each other stand. Help your brothers and sisters cope. Bring light to this in your departments. Your families. Your friends. Everyone.

There is no shame in seeking a shoulder.
There is no shame in seeking help.
There is no shame in feeling.

I’ve love to invite all firefighter’s and their wives, fiance or girlfriends to attend Flame Fest. Firefighter Wife is the support system for the women behind the men. Some are affiliated with the department themselves. Some are volunteers or paid firefighters themselves. The FirefighterWife mission? Less divorce, stronger fire wives. Strong fire wives, make stronger firefighters. It’s a beautiful cycle. For more information about the Fire Wife Sisterhood membership options, CLICK HERE.

With much love,
❤ Me.